Type Other
Renewable No
Stackable No
Compostable No
ID amulet

Amulets are unique craftable items that provide varying bonuses to players or mobs when equipped. There are four varieties - an empty one, as well as one for each of the three Middle Gems.

Crafting Recipes Edit

Result Ingredients Recipe
Amulet (empty) Reed Rope (5) + Amulet Socket
Empty Amulet
Applies corresponding Middle Gem to Amulet Amulet (empty) + Any Middle Gem
Aqua Middle Gem Amulet rec

How to Equip Edit

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Equipping/unequipping amulets

Filled Amulets can be right-clicked to equip them onto the player in an invisible slot beside the hotbar. For each applied Amulet, a corresponding gem will rotate around the player. By default, only one Amulet can be equipped at a time. However, one can add up to two extra slots using the Amulet Slot, for a maximum of three equipped Amulets at once. Do realize that these extra slots will disappear upon death.

Amulets are equipped through the Radial Equipment Menu, which is opened by pressing C (by default). It displays any amulets equipped onto the player (in red tab) as well as Amulets in their inventory (in green tab). An Amulet can be both equipped and unequipped with a left click, allowing for easy management of player-applied Amulets.

Effects Edit

When equipped, Amulets will provide bonuses and detriments to the player or mob depending on the Middle Gem Circle mechanic:

  • Aqua Gem Amulet: Deal more damage to and take less damage from crimson gem-equipped targets and attackers, but deal less damage to and take more damage from green gem-equipped targets and attackers. Has a chance to apply Weakness Weakness briefly to targets when attacking. Has a chance to provide Resistance Resistance briefly when attacked.
  • Crimson Gem Amulet: Deal more damage to and take less damage from green gem-equipped targets and attackers, but deal less damage to and take more damage from aqua gem-equipped targets and attackers. Has a chance to deal extra knockback to targets and provide Strength Strength briefly when attacking. Has a chance to deal damage back to attackers when attacked.
  • Green Gem Amulet: Deal more damage to and take less damage from aqua gem-equipped targets and attackers, but deal less damage to and take more damage from crimson gem-equipped targets and attackers. Has a chance to heal slightly when attacking. Has a chance to provide Absorption Absorption briefly when attacked.
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The visual effect around a player wearing amulets

A single random Amulet has a chance to be found equipped on Swamp Hags, Wights, Tar Beasts, Peat Mummies, and the Dreadful Peat Mummy. The gem is visible around the mob and applies it with the same benefits as the player would receive. For example, a Swamp Hag with an Aqua Gem Amulet would take less damage from players equipped with Crimson Gem equipment and could also apply Weakness when dealing damage, but would also take more damage from players equipped with Green Gem equipment. The Amulet will not drop from the mob if they are killed.

Amulets can also be applied to player-defending mobs (Tar Minions and tamed Harlequin Toads, and in the future Mud Golems) by right-clicking them with the Amulet; it can be taken off them by shift-right clicking them with an empty hand and will also drop if they die. In addition to applying the bonus to the mobs' attacks themselves, any player-defending mobs equipped with amulets will also directly benefit the player who applied them. The Amulet Slot can also be used on these mobs to increase the number of Amulets they can have equipped at one time.

History Edit

  • Alpha 3.0.0:
    • Now provides offensive and defensive bonuses.
    • Now has bonuses stated in tooltip.
  • Beta 1.0.0: Introduced as Middle Gem Amulet.
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