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"Ribbit... I think we've been overrun."

Beta 1.0.2 was an update to the Betweenlands for Minecraft 1.7.10 that was released on April 10, 2016. It was known as The Amphibian Update as it added a couple new amphibian mobs, among other features, tweaks and bug fixes.


  • Added Frogs and Harlequin Toads
  • Added Lurker Skin Pouches
  • Re-added boss Spawn Eggs
  • Vials can be placed as jars
  • 'Nerfed' shrooms
  • Cut Rubber Tree Logs have slightly different textures
  • Tweaked Silt Crab Claw texture and fixed an issue with Lurker Skin Leggings texture
  • Added Infusion completion sound and made infusion completion more apparent
  • Implemented wall plant block lang
  • Implemented proper hopper support for Dual Sulfur Furnaces
  • Food Sickness now only affects Betweenlands food
  • Syrmorite Shears now work on leaves
  • Adjusted loot tables
  • Further adjusted cave mob spawning entries
  • Improved properties tracker performance
  • Increased required warnings for Wight Fortress guards
  • Properly implemented Betweenlands biomes into the biome dictionary
  • Implemented a max weapon damage cap on Betweenlands mobs
  • Made items dropped from radial menu classified as standard drops
  • Fixed Wights and Dark Druids floating slightly above ground
  • Fixed Rubber Tree Logs not being crafted into planks and log metadata issue
  • Fixed broken Life Crystal charge and Amulet crafting recipes
  • Fixed the Swift Pick not working on some blocks
  • Fixed some glitchiness with pillars
  • Minor fixes with the Weedwood Crafting Table, Animator and Item Cage
  • Fixed seeds being considered food
  • Fixed an issue with Sulfur Furnace GUIs
  • Fixed an issue with Druid Circle biome spawning and made it more consistent
  • Fixed an issue with Mire Snail Eggs
  • Fixed an issue with animating entities
  • Fixed an issue with disappearing Shockwave Sword blocks
  • Fixed a crash with Hardcore Ender Expansion
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