Beta 1.0.3 was an update to the Betweenlands for Minecraft 1.7.10 that was released on April 29, 2016. It added a new custom main menu for the mod, among other tweaks and bug fixes.


  • Added custom menu
  • Fixed Harlequin Toads despawning
  • Updated the build script
  • Made potion IDs configurable
  • Fixed Peat Mummies attacking when rising from the ground
  • Fixed Sulfur Ore always dropping two Sulfur
  • Fixed item shelf items being added on the client side
  • Small texture adjustments
  • BL tools are no longer enchantable
  • Fixed a crash caused by placing Aspect Vials
  • Fixed Repeller not dropping if the block it is placed on is broken
  • Anglers now spawn underground in water
  • Buckets now display a message if Reed Rope is required when placing them on Rubber Trees
  • Fixed Pots of Chance saving ItemStack NBT
  • Fixed a bug with the shaders
  • Shaders now use the OpenGlHelper methods instead of using ARBShaderObjects methods, should lower the shader requirements to OpenGL 2.1 (not tested)
  • Increased crop growth speed
  • Fixed Aspectrus Plant not growing to the next block
  • Improved DeferredEffect optional parameters
  • Fixed peat mummy spawning in Marsh biome
  • Aspect amounts are now rounded
  • Fixed non shader sky stars rotated incorrectly
  • Improved Dark Druid and Druid Spawner
  • Fixed a crash on loading in a heavily modded environment
  • Fixed a coremod incompatiblity with Factorization
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