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Mikejwonder21 Mikejwonder21 14 November 2020

Hey Ummm Mind Addin In Another Betweenlands Boss Pls

Ok So We Need More BetweenLands Bosses So Would You Add Them In Pls

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The Mask Master The Mask Master 9 July 2020

Art showcase

I am just gonna show off that I've become a decent artist, so yeah, If you like this art and want more, text #Decent-artist-man In the comments! you can also ask me questions on my art here, and I'll be seeing you soon!

Q: Who is sir Deltus?

A: A Draigis.

Q: What is a Draigis?

A: A creature with the blood of sevral diffrent creatures in it's veins. Part human, wendigo, dragon, and vanpire.

Q: How does that work?

A: I dunno. It's dream logic!

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The Mask Master The Mask Master 20 June 2020


This, my friends, is what we call a stupid idea. The main premace is... A FNAF parody but betweenlands! I thought of it while playing a FNAF parody "Five nights at warios" with my older brother, and honestly my photoshop results have come out... Intrestingly. I have a jump scare sound all right, and as well I designed a few charactors. I frankly can not tell if they are really goofy or oughtright terrifying, but I am liking the way they came out. As a result, we have a more bloody DPM with a shorter tounge and it's eyes sown shut, a geko that seems to have black voids for eyes and no mouth, a bloody mud golem with no lantern and glowing red eyes, and, last but not least, a chimarow with no eyes and a ton of blood leaking from it's mouth. I…

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Alcool007 Alcool007 7 August 2018

Giant Overgrown Fortress

How rare is it to encounter a mix of those two structure? I Giant Weedwood tree whom have sprout out from the core of an Wight Fortress?

Since this was my second visit of a wight fortress, I already knew all his secrets. I let you imagine the fun I had digging my way around walls and pot of chances. Of course it was not perfect, some area was made inaccessible, but only temporary; at least until I beat the boss again! Then the top of the tower was buried in leaves. I kinda had to dig, build and craft my own arena to be able to fight the boss. Boss who were so confuse, because more than half of his moved where dissipated!

I've took a video of the surrounding, but the fog was so dense, we see nothing good. So for now I let you, readers with yo…

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Alcool007 Alcool007 7 August 2018

Unusual discovery

Here a list of discovery on my profile page!

Everytime I go down the stairs to the cavern's level, I make the jump by seeing this! What is this?

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