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Cragrock in-game

Mossy Cragrock in-game

Cragrock is a bluish stone block.

It has two states: Normal, and Mossy (which is split into two variants: Top and Bottom).


Purifying Recipe

Result Ingredients Recipe
Cragrock Mossy Cragrock Top or Mossy Cragrock Bottom + Sulfur + Swamp Water (250 mB)


All forms of Cragrock generate in large patches in Coarse Islands and Raised Isles biomes, and as Cragrock Spires in Deep Waters biomes, with Mossy Cragrock Tops on the topmost parts and Mossy Cragrock Bottoms just underneath. They can also be found as part of Cragrock Towers.

Normal Cragrock and Mossy Cragrock Bottoms can be found as part of Idol Head Statues.


Plant Support

Mossy Cragrock Tops and Bottoms support the placement and growth of basic plants.


Mossy Cragrock Tops and Bottoms will spread to nearby normal Cragrock over time. Cragrock blocks on the same layer as the spreading block will become Mossy Cragrock Tops, whereas those directly below the spreading block will become Mossy Cragrock Bottoms.


All placed forms of Cragrock will take on alternative textures during the Spook seasonal event. Placed Mossy Cragrock Tops and Bottoms will additionally take on alternative textures during the Winter seasonal event.


Crafting Uses

Result Ingredients Recipe
Cragrock Slab (6) Cragrock (3)
Cragrock Slab.png
Cragrock Stairs (4) Cragrock (6)
Cragrock Stairs.png
Cragrock Wall (6) Cragrock (6)
Cragrock Wall.png
Cragrock Bricks (4) Cragrock (4)
Cragrock Bricks.png
Mortar Cragrock (5) + Weedwood Stick (2)
Pestle Cragrock (2) + Weedwood Stick
Alembic Cragrock (2) + Octine Ingot (2) + Green Dentrothyst + Green Dentrothyst Vial
Repeller Cragrock + Weedwood Stick (2) + Green Dentrothyst Vial

Smelting Uses

Result Ingredients Recipe
Smooth Cragrock + 0.1 XP Cragrock + Any fuel
Smooth Cragrock.png


  • Release 3.7.2: Updated Spook and Winter textures.
  • Release 3.7.0: Updated Mossy variant textures.
  • Release 3.6.0: Can now generate in Raised Isles biomes.
  • Release 3.3.0: Mossy Cragrock Tops and Bottoms now support plant growth.
  • Alpha 3.1.0: Mossy Cragrock Tops and Bottoms now have alternative textures for the Winter event.
  • Beta 1.0.0: Introduced.
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