Crypt Crawlers are hostile mobs that can be found within the Sludgeon and from Crypt Crawler Tunnel Entrances that appear somewhat frequently during Blood Skies.

Crypt Crawler
Pic.crypt Crawler.jpg
Health Normal: 20 (Heart.png x 10)
Equipped: 30 (Heart.png x 30)
Chief: 100 (Heart.png x 50)
Damage Easy: 1 (Half Heart.png)
Normal: 1 (Half Heart.png)
Hard: 2 (Heart.png)
Drops IconTarDrip.png Tar Drip (0-1)
IconValoniteSplinter.png Valonite Splinter (0-1)
IconDragonflyWing.png Dragonfly Wing (0-1)
IconOctineNugget.png Octine Nugget (0-1)
IconSyrmoriteNugget.png Syrmorite Nugget (0-1)

IconAmatePaper.png Amate Paper (0-1)
IconLurkerSkin.png Lurker Skin (0-1)
IconReedDonut.png Reed Donut (0-1)
IconReedRope.png Reed Rope (0-3)
IconAncientRemnant.png Ancient Remnant (0-3)
Any equipped items

Experience 5
ID crypt_crawler

Description[edit | edit source]

Crypt Crawlers resemble large naked mole-rats - they carry a belt around their waist with several attached pouches and bear dark, tattoo-like markings across their bodies. Their mouths and the ends of their limbs appear to be bloody. Crypt Crawlers have a chance of spawning equipped with swords, axes, and shields made of Weedwood and Slimy Bone, which they will use to attack and defend when fighting - they may also spawn with a Wight's Bane. If a Crypt Crawler spawns with equipment, it will also have increased health. There is a chance that these items will drop when they are killed, at low durability. An unarmed Crypt Crawler will travel on all-fours by default, switching to standing on their hind legs when attacked - a Crypt Crawler with a weapon will always be bipedal. Infrequently, a variant known as a Crypt Crawler chief may spawn - it wields an Octine Sword and Syrmorite Shield, and is noticeably larger than a normal Crypt Crawler. It is also much more dangerous, with an increased health pool and damage, as well as the ability to perform a shield charge attack that damages the player and sends them flying back.

Crypt Crawlers will spawn in the sixth layer of the Labyrinthine Vaults - a chief will spawn from a Dungeon Door Mimic in this same layer, similar to how a Barrishee would be encountered. Crypt Crawlers also spawn in the Winding Walkways, and four Crypt Crawler Tunnel Entrances are located in the Crypt Tunnels. All these areas are found within the Sludgeon. These entrances will continually spawn Crypt Crawlers when a player gets close enough until they have been sealed off by breaking the Hangers that suspend Carved Rotten Bark blocks over them. These entrances will also occasionally be found on the surface in areas large enough to accommodate them during a Blood Sky. They function similarly to those found in the Slugdeon, but will disappear on their own once some amount of Crypt Crawlers has been spawned or when the Blood Sky event ends.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Crypt Crawlers are normally encountered in large numbers. Thus crowd control weapons such as the Shockwave Sword are very helpful when dealing with them. Otherwise, an Octine Shield is always handy, or any shield that can wither their numbers away. Basilisk Arrows also come in handy for stalling some.

Sounds[edit | edit source]

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History[edit | edit source]

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