Dark Druid
Health 50 (Heartx25)
Drops 1 SwampTalismanPiece1Swamp Talisman piece on death (only types that are not already in player's inventory)
First Appearance Beta 1.0.0

Dark Druids are magic users that have lost their sanity trying to fix the Betweenlands' current state. They spawn from Dark Druid Spawners found in Druid Circles, harnessing the dark power of the Betweenlands for their own dark goals. Killing them is fundamental to accessing the Betweenlands, as the Swamp Talisman pieces they drop are assembled into the item that creates the Portal Tree.

Lore Edit

The Dark Druids were once the followers of Revil o' Elcanrab, the druid of the Betweenlands who was responsible for opening the Nether portal and unleashing death and chaos upon the dimension. They escaped to the Overworld before being fully consumed by the Nether's evils, but the talisman they used to bridge dimensions was fragmented in the process. Lost without a way to return to their home world and restore it, they constructed a runic circle of stones and an altar and attempted to reforge the talisman. However, they were unsuccessful, for they did not realize that the Nether had found a way into their heads. They were driven insane until they forgot their original mission, and the talisman remained broken.

Description Edit

Dark Druids wear black cloaks, and their facial features are hidden except for two glowing red eyes. They attack using a dark form of magic, lifting their arms and levitating the player into the air before launching them upwards, likely causing fatal fall damage. If they get too far away from you they will teleport somewhere close to you to use the magic again. In addition, with each hit they have a chance not to take knockback.

Strategy Edit

While Dark Druids may seem too powerful, especially for the fact that many can spawn at once, there are a multitude of ways to easily deal with them. First of all, use the waters of the swamp biome to your advantage to avoid fall damage when they fling you. Boots enchanted with Feather Falling can also help minimize damage caused by this. In addition, they cannot target you if you are not standing on a block, which includes swimming underwater; from here you can use a bow to take them out without hassle.

Sounds Edit



Trivia Edit

  • The sound effects for the Dark Druids were created by slowing down actual recordings of MrCompost making stupid spooky noises.

Video Edit

An animation by Timinations depicting the Dark Druids' descent into madness:

Minecraft Animation- Dark Druids (Betweenlands)

Minecraft Animation- Dark Druids (Betweenlands)

History Edit

  • Beta 2.0.3: No longer drop Swamp Talisman Pieces that are already in the player's inventory.
  • Beta 1.0.3: Improved.
  • Beta 1.0.2: Fixed Dark Druids floating slightly above ground.
  • Beta 1.0.0: Introduced.
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