Dentrothyst Shields
Type Equipment
Speed N/A
Damage N/A
Durability 1200
Renewable No
Stackable No
Compostable No
ID dentrothyst_shield
2017-03-17 20.27.55

Both Green Dentrothyst Shields when held by the player

2017-03-17 20.28.10

Both Orange Dentrothyst Shields when held by the player

Dentrothyst Shields are special Betweenlands shields. There are four varieties: Green, Green Polished, Orange, and Orange Polished.

Crafting Recipes Edit

Result Ingredients Recipe
Green Dentrothyst Shield Green Dentrothyst (6) + Weedwood Stick
Green Dentrothyst Shield
Orange Dentrothyst Shield Orange Dentrothyst (6) + Weedwood Stick
Orange Dentrothyst Shield
Green Polished Dentrothyst Shield Green Polished Dentrothyst (6) + Weedwood Stick
Green Polished Dentrothyst Shield
Orange Polished Dentrothyst Shield Orange Polished Dentrothyst (6) + Weedwood Stick
Orange Polished Dentrothyst Shield

Blocking Edit

Like any shield, Dentrothyst Shields can be held up to block melee and ranged attacks from the front. The player receives a small amount of knockback upon blocking. The shields can be temporarily disabled by an axe attack.

Dentrothyst Shields have the unique ability to prevent the player from receiving effects from splash potions while blocking, including those from thrown Infusions.

Repairing Edit

Like most other equipment with durability, a damaged Dentrothyst Shield can be repaired to full durability through an Animator. The more that needs to be repaired, the greater the cost of fuel and crystal charge is in the animation process.

Result Ingredients Recipe
Fully repairs corresponding Dentrothyst Shield Any damaged Dentrothyst Shield + Sulfur (6-10) + Life Crystal (4-13% charge)
Repair Dentrothyst Shields

Middle Gems Edit

As with most equipment, a Dentrothyst Shield can be equipped with a Middle Gem as part of the Middle Gem Circle to apply additional buffs to the player using it. The type of gem equipped can be seen in its tooltip. The bonuses provided can be seen on the gem's own tooltip.

Result Ingredients Recipe
Applies corresponding Middle Gem to Dentrothyst Shield Dentrothyst Shield + Any Middle Gem
Bone Shield with Green Gem

Corrosion Edit

Dentrothyst Shields do not corrode.

History Edit

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