Not to be confused with the Sulfur Furnace, the regular version of this block.

Dual Sulfur Furnace
Transparency Yes
Luminance Yes (While active)
Blast Resistance 17.5
Tool Any Pickaxe
Renewable Yes
Stackable Yes (64)
Flammable No
Compostable No
ID sulfur_furnace_dual

The Dual Sulfur Furnace ingame


The dual Smelting interface. The new flux slots are colour-coded based on the coloured text to the left.

The Dual Sulfur Furnace is a craftable utility block that acts functionally very similarly to the Sulfur Furnace, but is capable of smelting two items at once.

Crafting Recipe Edit

Result Ingredients Recipe
Dual Sulfur Furnace Betweenstone (8) + Sulfur Furnace
Dual Sulfur Furnace

How to Use Edit

The smelting interface can be accessed by right-clicking the Dual Sulfur Furnace. Smelting works nearly identically to smelting in a vanilla Furnace, featuring the usual input, fuel, and output slots to cook or process items into new ones. However, the fuel sources that are used will likely be different when working in the Betweenlands.

The difference between a regular Sulfur Furnace and a Dual Sulfur Furnace is that the Dual one has two slots for inputs, fuels, and outputs. This means that it is capable of smelting two different items at once, acting as two Sulfur Furnaces but only taking up one block space.

The following is a list of all items from the Betweenlands that can be used as fuel in a Dual Sulfur Furnace, as well as the number of items each is capable of smelting before running out.

Dual Sulfur Furnace Fuels
Fuel Smelts per Fuel
SmallBulb-CappedMushroomCap Bulb-Capped Mushroom Cap 1.5
SmallBulb-CappedMushroomStalk Bulb-Capped Mushroom Stalk 1.5
SmallCompostBin Compost Bin 1.5
SmallFences Fences 1.5
SmallFenceGates Fence Gates 1.5
SmallGeckoCage Gecko Cage 1.5
SmallGiantRoot Giant Root 1.5
SmallGiantRootPlanks Giant Root Planks 1.5
SmallHearthgroveLog Hearthgrove Log 4.0
SmallHollowLog Hollow Log 1.5
SmallItemCage Item Cage 1.5
SmallItemShelf Item Shelf 1.5
SmallNibbletwigLog Nibbletwig Log 1.5
SmallPortalFrame Portal Frame 1.5
SmallRepeller Repeller 1.5
SmallRoot Root 1.5
SmallRottenBark Rotten Bark 1.5
SmallRubberTreeLog Rubber Tree Log 1.5
SmallRubberTreePlanks Rubber Tree Planks 1.5
SmallSapTreeLog Sap Tree Log 1.5
SmallShelfFungus Shelf Fungus 1.5
SmallSulfur Sulfur 8.0
SmallTarredHearthgroveLog Tarred Hearthgrove Log 24.0
SmallWeedwood Weedwood 1.5
SmallWeedwoodChest Weedwood Chest 1.5
SmallWeedwoodChipPath Weedwood Chip Path 1.5
SmallWeedwoodCraftingTable Weedwood Crafting Table 1.5
SmallWeedwoodJukebox Weedwood Jukebox 1.5
SmallWeedwoodLog Weedwood Log 1.5
SmallWeedwoodPlankPressurePlate Weedwood Plank Pressure Plate 1.5
SmallWeedwoodRubberTap Weedwood Rubber Tap 1.5
SmallWeedwoodWalkway Weedwood Walkway 1.5
SmallWoodSlabs Wood Slabs 1.5
SmallWoodStairs Wood Stairs 1.5
SmallWoodTrapdoors Wood Trapdoors 1.5

While smelting, the Dual Sulfur Furnace will emit light and produce fire, as well as make a crackling fire sound.

In addition, there are new, optional left slots in the Dual Sulfur Furnace interface. These slots are capable of accepting Limestone Flux and give Octine Ore and Syrmorite Ore smelted in their part of the furnace a chance to yield two ingots instead of just one. One Limestone Flux item will always be consumed from this slot whenever the ore is smelted, and the duplication will not work with any other smelted items.

Smelting Recipes Edit

To view all default smelting recipes, visit the Smelting page.

Advancements Edit

Advancement In-game Description Parent Actual Requirements ID
Create a Dual Sulfur Furnace All Over Again Have a Dual Sulfur Furnace in your inventory craftsman
Obtain extra ingots using Limestone Flux Efficiency Put Limestone Flux in either optional left slot of a Dual Sulfur Furnace craftsman

History Edit

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