Health Untamed: 30 (Heart.png x 15)

Tamed: 40 (Heart.png x 20)

Damage Contact : 1 (Half Heart.png)

Contact Hard/Tamed: 2 (Heart.png)

Drops IconUndyingEmbers.png Undying Embers (0-2)
IconOctineNugget.png Octine Nugget (1)
Experience 5
ID thebetweenlands:emberling

Emberlings are tamable hostile mobs that can be found rarely on Hearthgrove Logs in the Patchy Islands.

Description[edit | edit source]

Emberlings resemble salamander nymphs - they are fiery red in color, with glowing yellow eyes. Their tails emit flame particles, which turn to smoke particles when the creature is submerged.

Emberlings are hostile creatures and will attack the player on sight. In addition to their contact attack, they will occasionally breathe fire at their target, igniting it. Emberlings are not hindered by water, and are in fact capable of moving faster than a player when swimming.

Emberlings can be tamed by being fed Undying Embers - a single ember is suffecient to tame one. Once tamed, their health will increase, and they will follow their owner. Tamed Emberlings will attack any entities which their owner attacks or which harm their owner, using both their melee and fire breathe attacks. They can be healed with Octine Nuggets or Octine Ingots, and will also slowly heal when atop an Octine Block. A tamed Emberling can be made to sit by right clicking it.

Tamed Emberlings can be applied with Amulets, giving them a Middle Gem Circle modifier that directly affects the player they are assigned to as well as the creature's own attacks. The number of amulets that they can equip at once can be extended with an Amulet Slot, and amulets can be taken off of them by shift right-clicking them.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

There is not much in the way of just killing the thing, however taming it would be a lot more useful. Even if you lack a shield and it burns you, you can easily just jump into a nearby body of water and it should go down pretty quickly.

History[edit | edit source]

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