Not to be confused with Walls, blocks that function similarly, or Fence Gates, gated versions of these blocks.

Transparency Yes
Luminance No
Blast Resistance 15.0
Tool Hand or Axe
Renewable Varies
Stackable Yes (64)
Flammable No
Compostable No
ID See Types

Fences ingame

Fences in the Betweenlands act functionally the same as vanilla fences.

Types Edit

This is the list of Fences available, their IDs, and any additional sources they may have to being crafted:

Fence ID Other Sources
SmallGiantRootPlankFence Giant Root Plank Fence giant_root_plank
SmallHearthgrovePlankFence Hearthgrove Plank Fence hearthgrove_plank
SmallNibbletwigPlankFence Nibbletwig Plank Fence nibbletwig_plank
SmallRubberTreePlankFence Rubber Tree Plank Fence rubber_tree_plank
SmallWeedwoodLogFence Weedwood Log Fence weedwood_log
SmallWeedwoodPlankFence Weedwood Plank Fence weedwood_plank
Marsh Ruins

Crafting Recipes Edit

Result Ingredients Recipe
Weedwood Plank Fence (3) Weedwood Planks (4) + Weedwood Stick (2)
Weedwood Plank Fence
Weedwood Log Fence (3) Any Weedwood Log (4) + Weedwood Stick (2)
Weedwood Log Fence
Rubber Tree Plank Fence (3) Rubber Tree Planks (4) + Weedwood Stick (2)
Rubber Tree Plank Fence
Giant Root Plank Fence (3) Giant Root Planks (4) + Weedwood Stick (2)
Giant Root Plank Fence
Hearthgrove Plank Fence (3) Hearthgrove Planks (4) + Weedwood Stick (2)
Hearthgrove Plank Fence
Nibbletwig Plank Fence (3) Nibbletwig Planks (4) + Weedwood Stick (2)
Nibbletwig Plank Fence

Fuel Edit

Fences can be used as fuel for the Sulfur Furnace or Dual Sulfur Furnace, smelting 1.5 items per fence block.

Farming Edit

Rubber Tree Plank Fences can be utilized as poles on which Aspectrus Seeds can be planted and grown. A single Aspectrus Plant can grow up to three fences tall.

History Edit

  • Release 3.4.0: Added Hearthgrove Plank and Nibbletwig Plank Fences.
  • Release 3.3.0: Added Giant Root Plank Fences.
  • Beta 2.0.1: Implemented recipe for Weedwood Log Fences.
  • Beta 2.0.0: Added unobtainable Weedwood Log Fences.
  • Beta 1.0.0: Introduced.
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