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Gallery Frames are decorative entities that behave similarly to vanilla Paintings, depicting fan-made artwork for the Betweenlands mod.

They have three size variants: Small (1x1 block), Large (2x2 blocks), and Very Large (4x4 blocks).


Crafting Recipes

Result Ingredients Recipe
Small Gallery Frame Weedwood Stick (8) + Lurker Skin
Small Gallery Frame.png
Large Gallery Frame Small Gallery Frame (4)
Large Gallery Frame.png
Very Large Gallery Frame Large Gallery Frame (4)
Very Large Gallery Frame.png



Like vanilla Paintings, Gallery Frames can be placed on the sides of most blocks if space is available, and will break if their supporting blocks are covered or removed.

Displaying Artwork

The Gallery Manager tool in use

Unlike vanilla Paintings, Gallery Frames are initially blank when placed. Right-clicking on them opens an interface where the player can select the artwork they want to display, either by scrolling through the available selections, choosing a random selection, or searching for the artwork's title, artist, or description with a search bar. If available, the interface will also display the current artwork's title, author, brief description, and a link to the full sized image. Lengthy descriptions may be cut off by the edge of the screen. All three sizes of Gallery Frame can each display the same selection of artwork, just in different sizes.

Artwork can come in a wide range of aspect ratios and resolutions, up to 512x512. Images with an aspect ratio other than 1:1 display the empty spaces as transparent. The Gallery Manager tool can be used to view gallery submissions and edit them locally, although it does not allow changes to be loaded into the game.

On the technical side, new artwork entries are committed to a separate GitHub branch, and can be added to the mod without having to install an updated version.

A Gallery Frame can be broken and collected back by punching it.

Artwork Submission

More info from the Discord server on how to submit your own artwork to the gallery:

"Ever wanted to make your mark on The Betweenlands? Well now you can, kind of! With all the fantastic fanart that we receive, we have decided to create a new decorative painting block that acts like an in-game fanart gallery, and now we need your submissions to fill it up. So here's how its gonna work:

- You must submit a piece of Betweenlands related fanart either by posting it in the #showcase channel or by Tweeting it to us at @BetweenlandsDev on Twitter.

- You must use the hashtag #BetweenlandsGallery when submitting so that we can find your submission easily.

- Please also give it a name or title to be shown ingame, otherwise we have to make one up ;). You can also optionally give it a description to be shown ingame.

- The maximum size of the picture in the ingame gallery frame is 512x512. You can submit larger pieces (as the ingame gallery frame will link to the source, if available, e.g. on Twitter), but we'll have to scale for the ingame gallery frame. Width and height can be different, they're scaled to fit the ingame gallery frame (while keeping aspect ratio the same of course).

Important: by submitting your fanart to this competition using the hashtag #BetweenlandsGallery you are consenting to your work being used in the mod and hosted on our GitHub repository and for your username to be credited. If you wish you can also give us a source URL/link to be added to the ingame gallery! There is no final deadline to this competition, rather we will continually add to the gallery whenever we see a piece of artwork that we like. So good luck! We look forward to seeing what you guys create The submissions are also posted in the new #the-gallery channel."

List of Current Submissions

The following is a list of all gallery submissions currently in the mod, including the title, artist, description, and source URL (if available):

Gallery Submissions
Title Artwork Artist Description
Caverns of the Betweenlands
Владимир N/A
Riftless Night
Støne Are they fireflies? Orbs? Or those mysterious glowing spheres that seem to disappear as you approach? Could be a fiery lotus out on the lake... Hm...
Betweenlands Winter
baguchan N/A
Ketrai Not all that glitters is gold.
Quek's Untitled Art
Quek N/A
Print of Them
Wight of Shadows The spectral plea was ignored in favor of greater desires.
Venture Into the Unknown
Queso N/A
The Explorer
SpiritTreck N/A
Seething Stone
Fire of the Fall
Nihiltres N/A
The Prime Wight's Wrong
MontserratGamer With the intention of using the power of the Nether as a weapon to protect the Betweenlands, the Prime Wight condemned them forever...
Silt Crab
themerchantofbenis N/A
Eccentric Ecology
Sir Terravolt N/A
Little Nap
Ambargem Two friends sleeping together in a beautiful night
Inauspicious Darkness
Haselberry12 N/A
Strange Friends
not march N/A
Pitted Against A Horrible Foe
The Mask Master N/A
Sneko N/A
Kirito N/A
Blade of the Champion
spiderking23 N/A
The Horror from the Peat
spiderking23 Dreadful, simply Dreadful.
A Gaze from the Dark
swampman derp N/A
Dancing Auroras
swampman derp N/A
Sporeling Shuffle
swampman derp N/A
The Big Tree
swampman derp N/A
The Secret in the Slime
swampman derp N/A
The Amazing World of Fungi
PedroRalof In this world you can find fungi with unique properties and adaptations
The Environmental Pressure
PedroRalof Fauna and flora adapted to this harsh and unpredictable environment and started to flourish
Rift in the Night
Støne Strolling along the silted shores one eerie night I took notice of an interesting sight. The sky had a long tear across it, shining brightly in the darkest of hours, intriguing. Something was oddly familiar about this too but I just couldn't quite put my finger on it. It was almost like it was a rift in the night sky. How peculiar...
Moonless Night
Støne A traveller once came to me and told tales of his land, one that intrigued me greatly was of a large spherical object hovering in the sky. 'The Moon!' he said, 'It feels weird not having one here. Those orbs are pretty though!', we didn't speak of it much more, something found us...
Effortless Resistance
Støne An old acquaintance of mine from long ago had an interesting quirk, he used to consume the sap from the trees that grew nearby. He said to me 'The taste isn't that bad, it renews me in some way, like I still feel like myself'. I always laughed it off and took it as a weird preference of his, or some silly superstition. I didn't laugh anymore when I was reading through his old studies on that unfortunate night. I haven't laughed much since...
The Veteran
ultrasquid N/A
The Greebling Rider
Theenax N/A
Templar_BR N/A
The Tower
Templar_BR N/A
Wight Fortress
The Royal Annoyer A place of hatred.
Dripping Terror
EpicNecromancer N/A
Shaman of Embers
Oscar Payn A violent creature born of fire and spite, found stalking the Sludgeon. Hunts in packs of four.
The Mummy
The Mask Master His subjects always hear their master's call, even beyond death...
A Sporeling at the Riverbank
Joosh N/A
Portal Tree
EpicNecromancer N/A
MightyGoat A termite stalking a clueless firefly, waiting for the moment to strike
Hill by the Cragrock Spires
Firestarplayz A small island gives you a safe view of the far off Cragrock mountains surrounded by infested sea
Stars of a Shattered Sky
Firestarplayz Despite the vile world and horrors that roam it, you can still find beauty among the terrible marshes of your new hope
Wandering Soul
yari9 N/A
A Little Bit of Mold
Scottish Madman N/A
Silt Crab
Bonniethebunny N/A
Curious? Or spaced out?
oktacek1 These noisy little guys love to wear all of the fancy floral fashion. I hear Cryptweed is especially popular lately. Um, so, how DO they get the Sludgeon stuff!?
This is Where it Starts
Wayrail The Ground is Bogged and Slimy, The Air is stale and thin, but at least the rift in the sky will always be there to remind me of Home.
Promiseless World
Firestarplayz This dimension shows no signs of peaceful life, only a swampy wasteland full of monsters. Survival here will be more than challenging.
Flying Fiend
Firestarplayz The Chiromaw roams the skies, preying on carrion and lost adventurers.
Monster of the Marsh
Firestarplayz Any adventurer should beware when exploring the marshes. Hideous creatures will crawl out and drag you into the peat.
Sludge and Muck
Firestarplayz Slime covers the room as a tendril rises up from the center of the pit. This monster is the core of the decay around the dungeon, and now it will be slain.
Isle Over The Great Bog
Firestarplayz Amidst the hostile marshlands, great islands float above the dangers of the sea. But beware, they are not entirely without threat...
Rye Farmer's Soggy PJs
STARRYSOCK Why else do you think he's so angry? Have you ever tried to sleep in wet, swamp-soaked pajamas? -Framed, Oil on Amate Paper
Some Old Breadknife
STARRYSOCK An old scroll dredged up from the muck of a swamp. Is that some kind of sword, or just a mud stain that won't rub off?
At the Bottom of the World, I'll be Waiting
Gazing up at a Distant, Uncaring Sky
STARRYSOCK Just what are those pale, green, glittering stars? Maybe they're holes, pinpricks of light from a world above. Maybe they're ancient wisps, swaddled in the aurora's embrace. Maybe they're both. Or maybe they're something even greater...
Weary Machine
STARRYSOCK Just a hungry mess of creaky cogs, dried mud, and rotten wood, or something more?
A horrible creature
Flint "I've encountered something truly terrible"
Small and nice
Flint I've found something friendly, and tasty
Druid Circle
yari9 Glowing ring of stone pillars surrounding a mysterious altar.
Power of Teamwork
oktacek1 Forget the slimy tentacle, or that glowing icosahedron. When a ghost guy possesses a rotten grandma - THAT'S when you're in for a gravely eternity.
The World as it Was
Scottish Madman An incredibly dated piece, allegedly painted before whatever disaster befell the in-between. Considering the circumstances, it has been cared for remarkably well.
When the Darkness Came
Scottish Madman N/A
Stationary Life
Scottish Madman In all its years, the tree has never moved. It lives in the swamp, it breathes the sulfurous air; but, most importantly, it recalls all that has happened.
He Loves the Moisture
STARRYSOCK Gormless minger soaking up all my fog. Do not be fooled by his perceived innocence, for this is but a brief respite from his warcrimes.
The tower in the log
Flint N/A
Phragmite shadowbox
Flint Some Phragmite carefully displayed in a shadowbox
How Development Evolves
Wight of Shadows Rumors of 'improved cave ambience' were greatly...understated.
Shivanyan N/A
The Wandering Sporeling
CT_Squared N/A
Birth of the Between
Lylythii N/A
Blue Wit
Mans N/A


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