The Greebling Rider is a neutral mob that can be found in any biome in the Betweenlands.

Greebling Rider
Health 5 (Heart.png Heart.png Half Heart.png)
Damage 4 (Heart.pngHeart.png)
Drops Simple Slingshot (0-1)

SmallChiromawWing.pngChiromaw Wing (0-1)

Experience 1
ID thebetweenlands:chiromaw_greebling_rider

Description[edit | edit source]

Greebling Riders are Greeblings riding Chiromaws. The Greebling wields a Simple Slingshot, which it has a chance of dropping upon death.

As neutral mobs, the riders will target anything that attacks them, retaliating by pelting their assailants with Betweenstone Pebbles. Additionally, the riders will cause mischief by attacking puller mobs for airborne Draetons. This makes them a hazard for players traveling the skies by airship, as they will continue to attack until all puller mobs have been killed, slowing the Draeton or even leaving it unable to move. If these pebbles hit the craft itself, they may also cause leakages. Greebling Riders will also target nearby Chiromaw Matriarchs. Riders will not fire at targets that are near them, prioritizing moving away from their targets over attacking them.

Upon being killed, the Greebling will use a Volarpad to glide down, before vanishing into a burst of leaves after a few seconds. It will also vanish if it collides with a block or if a player gets too close to it.

History[edit | edit source]

  • Release 3.6.2: Changed to neutral mobs and no longer target Draetons or pullers that have landed.
  • Release 3.6.1: Renamed to Greebling Rider and now targets Chiromaw Matriarchs.
  • Release 3.6.0: Introduced as Chiromaw Greebling Rider.
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