Not to be confused with Frog.

Harlequin Toad
Health 60 (Heart.png x 30)
Damage 4 (Heart.pngHeart.png)
(When tamed and ridden)
Drops Nothing
Experience 8
ID toad

Harlequin Toads are passive, tamable mobs that can be found in Swamplands biomes, both above and sometimes underground.

Description[edit | edit source]

The joy of riding a toad

Harlequin Toads appear as gigantic green amphibians with slit eyes, a unique crest, and breathing animations. Being passive when not tamed, they will not attack the player, and their only movement are occasional leaps in one direction. When swimming, they stay at one elevation at the water's surface and swim in large bursts. Harlequin Toads can be tamed when fed with Dragonfly Wings, usually taking at least 10 before being tamed (indicated by the heart particles). When tamed, they can be ridden by right-clicking them and dismounted by pressing sneak. While ridden, the Harlequin Toad's health amount will appear between the hunger and decay bar, and a player riding one cannot harm it. The toad transports its player very effectively by bounding across land or swimming quickly in large bursts over water.

Mobs can still deal damage to the player from the toad. However, if attacked or attacking while on the toad, the toad is able to ram into and deal damage to the attacking/attacked mob if you make it do so. There is a chance that a mob attacked by a mounted toad will begin to target the toad instead of you, making it deal damage to the toad instead of the player. Therefore, having a tamed toad is very useful for both transport and combat. Do note that even if the toad is tamed, it will wander off on its own, so be sure to keep a close eye on it.

Tamed Harlequin Toads can be applied with Amulets, giving them a Middle Gem Circle modifier that directly affects the player they are assigned to when they are riding it, as well as the toad's own attacks. The number of amulets that they can equip at once can be extended with an Amulet Slot, and amulets can be taken off of them by shift right-clicking them.

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History[edit | edit source]

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