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(This article is only about reaching the Dimension. For tips getting started in the Betweenlands itself, see the Basic Guide to Survival. For a guide on installation, see Installation)

Getting to the Betweenlands is not an easy task. Decent gear is recommended (preferably good armor, a bow, arrows, optional feather falling boots, etc) in order to obtain the Talisman needed to create a portal.

The Druid Circle

Obtaining a Swamp Talisman

The first step is to locate a Swamp biome in the Overworld. There, you may find a Druid Circle, a small circle of runed stone spires with a mysterious altar in the center.

Be careful when coming close to this structure, it continuously spawns Dark Druids. The druids attack by throwing you into the air, dropping you to cause fall damage. This is why feather falling is useful, although you can also use the Swamp's water to break your fall. Druids also cannot attack players that are swimming (not standing) in water, which can be a useful vantage to attack from with your bow.

Each Dark Druid has a chance to drop a Swamp Talisman Piece on death. There are 4 unique pieces that must be collected. Once each piece has been obtained, the player can optionally break the Dark Druid Monster Spawner below the altar to prevent further spawns. It can be recreated if need be by placing any 4 saplings in the altar.

Finally, right-click the altar and place the 4 pieces in each corner slot. The altar will then combine the fragments to create the Swamp Talisman, the key to creating a Betweenlands portal. After that, simply right-click the altar again and claim the finished talisman.

The Portal Tree

Creating a Portal

From there, creating a portal is easy. Place any sapling in a flat, wide area (remove nearby tall grass too), and right-click the sapling with the Swamp Talisman. The Portal Tree will generate around the sapling, complete with four portals to the Betweenlands. (Note that the Tree is quite large, so don't create it near anything too important)

Once the portal is created, you can begin your journey! You can go in as prepared, or unprepared as you'd like, but keep in mind that non-Betweenlands food, potions, torches, and weapons don't work as well in the Betweenlands. Weapons receive a severe damage penalty, torches extinguish when placed, and food and potions become completely rotten, so you will likely have to craft Betweenlands equivalents anyways. You can get a slight head start by using the floor of the Portal Tree to make basic Weedwood tools.

All that's left is to dive into the portal to start your adventure in this dark, swampy, terrifying dimension!

(For tips on getting started in the dimension itself, see the Basic Guide to Survival)


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