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Insect Phobia Warning

Infestations are swarms of bugs that can rarely spawn anywhere in the Cavern or Lake Cavern layers.


Infestations appear as a small, ground-based swarm of beetles that slowly approach the player. They do not need line of sight to target a player, and will climb on walls and ceilings to approach them, emitting a loud crawling sound as they move.

When the player gets too close, the screen will begin to fill with bugs and 2 damage (Heart.png) will be dealt every few seconds, speeding up the more bugs there are on screen.

The player can slowly get rid of the on-screen bugs by jumping, sneaking, swinging, or shaking their head. They can also get rid of them faster by completely submerging themselves in a liquid or setting themselves on fire.

The infestation swarm itself will also shrink the longer it is submerged in a liquid. Infestations are also very weak to fire.

When the swarm is hit by a high damage attack, it has a chance of splitting into 4 smaller swarms, each with the same amount of health the swarm had left after the attack. Smaller swarms have less range and apply their effect slower. These swarms can recombine, though they do not regain health when doing this. These split swarms can spread out far from the original infestation, so it is advised to stand back when attacking.


Sound Subtitles Source Description ID
Infestation skitters Hostile Plays when an Infestation is idle. swarm_idle
Infestation munches Hostile Plays when the player is infested. swarm_attack


  • A "No Creeps" resource pack is available here that removes the Infestation's particles and overlay.


  • Release 3.7.1:
    • Now can burn.
    • Now can be shaken off by shaking the head.
    • Now will be removed by player burning.
    • Tweaked spawn rate, health, and splitting behavior.
    • Updated Spawn Egg colors.
    • Increased experience drop from 0 to 5.
  • Release 3.7.0: Introduced.
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