Not to be confused with Small Sludge Worms or Tiny Sludge Worms.

Large Sludge Worms are the largest form of hostile sludge worms and can be found in the Pit of Decay or on the surface in any biome during Heavy Rain events.

Large Sludge Worm
Health 60 (Heart x 30)
Damage Contact Easy: 4 (HeartHeart)
Contact Normal: 6 (HeartHeartHeart)
Contact Hard: 9 (HeartHeartHeartHeartHalf Heart)
Drops SmallSlimyBoneSlimy Bone (0-6)
SmallSludgeBallSludge Ball (0-9)
SludgeJelloSludge Jello (0-3)
Experience 5
ID large_sludge_worm


Large Sludge Worms are visually very similar to Sludges and Smoll Sludges, being creatures comprised of transparent sludge surrounding a skeletal interior. Surprisingly, they bear far less of a resemblance to smaller variations of sludge worm. Their front section is composed of a skull with an unnaturally large jaw, connected to a rib cage that houses a beating heart. The spinal cord is elongated, and extends past the rib cage to make up the majority of the creature's length. When in motion, the murky sludge that makes up their bodies will ungulate and their over-sized jaws will move up and down. Like other sludge worms, they will leave a trail of mud drip particles as they move.

Large Sludge Worms are encountered in the Pit of Decay in the Sludgeon, spawning from both the pit itself and the Sludge Menace which will occasionally summon them. As with other sludge worms, they will also be spawned by Worm Tunnel Entrances which appear on the surface in any biome in spaces large enough to accommodate them during Heavy Rain.

When attacking a player, the Large Sludge Worm will continually lay Sludge Worm Egg Sacs on the ground behind them. They will begin the process of laying an egg sac upon finding a target - the egg sac can be seen within its body during this, starting at the back of the rib cage and slowly moving along to the end of its body, growing in size as it continues. Upon reaching the creature's rear, it will be laid on the ground as an entity and will burst into four Tiny Sludge Worms if a player gets too close to it. Even if a Large Sludge Worm has lost aggro in the middle of this process, it will continue until the egg sac has been laid. Upon being attacked, there is a chance for the Large Sludge Worm to spawn a Smoll Sludge.

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