The following is a list of all Mobs that are added by the Betweenlands mod.

Passive Mobs

  • LIconBlindCaveFish.png Blind Cave Fish: A small fish that swims in the waters of the Betweenlands caverns.
  • LIconDragonfly.png Dragonfly: A graceful insect that flies across the dark skies of the Betweenlands.
  • LIconFireFly.png Firefly: A glowing insect that flies around and gives off light.
  • LIconFrog.png Frog: A small amphibian that just likes to hop around and mind its own business.
  • LIconGecko.png Gecko: A small lizard that hides in bushes, and can be caged and tested on to discover item aspects.
  • LIconTermite.png Greebling: An elusive gremlin that just loves to sit down and play some music.
  • LIconChiromaw.png Greebling Rider: A mischievous gremlin riding a Chiromaw high in the sky.
  • LIconMireSnail.png Mire Snail: A peaceful snail that can be farmed, unlike its ornery cousins.
  • LIconRootSprite.png Root Sprite: A miniature living root that makes its home around larger roots.
  • LIconSporeling.png Sporeling: A skittish mushroom creature that prefers living near shelf fungus.

Neutral Mobs

  • LIconLurker.png Lurker: A large, strong reptilian creature that attacks when provoked.
  • LIconPyrad.png Pyrad: A corrupted nature spirit that shoots flames at anyone who provokes it or its tree.

Aggressive Mobs

  • LIconAngler.png Angler: A vicious flesh-eating fish that swims around in the waters of the Betweenlands.
  • LIconSwampHag.png Ash Sprite: Sentient, floating remains that occasionally come out of broken alcove urns.
  • LIconSwampHag.png Barrishee: A terrifying mechanical abomination that disguises as a door in the Sludgeon.
  • LIconBloodSnail.png Blood Snail: An aggressive snail that can squirt blood-red poison at its enemies.
  • LIconBoulderSprite.png Boulder Sprite: A living boulder that hides underground and rolls into unsuspecting players.
  • LIconChiromaw.png Chiromaw: A hungry bat-like creature that can be found hanging off the roofs of caverns.
  • LIconChiromaw.png Chiromaw Matriarch: A great winged beast that protects its Nest atop the Raised Isles.
  • LIconSwampHag.png Crypt Crawler: A large, intelligent mole rat that resides in the crypts of the Sludgeon.
  • LIconDarkDruid.png Dark Druid: An insane Druid who chants around a druid altar in the Overworld swamps.
  • LIconSwampHag.png Emberling Shaman: An Emberling that guards the Sludgeon Tower and wields fiery magic.
  • LIconSwampHag.png Lamprey: A worm-like creature that emerges from the Sludgeon walls to suck in and decay the player.
  • LIconSludge.png Large Sludge Worm: A giant, disgusting skeletal worm that emerges from the Pit of the Sludgeon.
  • LIconLeech.png Leech: A lowly worm that sucks the blood of other living things.
  • LIconSwampHag.png Living Root: A sentient root that emerges from the Sludgeon walls to strike the player.
  • LIconPeatMummy.png Peat Mummy: An undead skeleton that rises up from the sludgy mud to attack the player.
  • LIconFireFly.png Shallowbreath: A cloud of sentient fumes that chokes the life out of nearby players.
  • LIconSwampHag.png Shambler: A shambling monstrosity that can use its long tongue to snatch the player.
  • LIconSiltCrab.png Silt Crab: An annoying crustacean that bites the toes of passersby before scuttling out of reach.
  • LIconSludge.png Sludge: A blob of living goop that lies in wait for prey in the sludge plains.
  • LIconSludge.png Small Sludge Worm: A medium-sized worm that emerges from holes it digs through the Sludgeon.
  • LIconSludge.png Smoll Sludge: A miniature blob of goop that hops about in the sludge plains.
  • LIconSwampHag.png Swamp Hag: A common undead creature that stalks the swamps and caverns of the Betweenlands.
  • LIconTarBeast.png Tar Beast: A hulking monster made out of tar that resides in tar pits.
  • LIconTermite.png Termite: A pesky insect that occasionally come out of broken rotten logs, pots and urns.
  • LIconSludge.png Tiny Sludge Worm: A tiny, young worm that emerges from egg sacs in the Sludgeon.
  • LIconWight.png Wight: A twisted, spirit-like entity that looks sad on the outside, but lashes out if taken too lightly.

Tamable and Utility Mobs

  • LIconSwampHag.png Emberling: A fiery salamander-like creature that can be tamed.
  • LIconHarlequinToad.png Harlequin Toad: A big, slimy amphibian that can be tamed and ridden.
  • LIconTarMinion.png Tarminion: A craftable little tar-based creature that will attack hostile mobs.


  • IconSpiritTreeSapling.png Spirit Tree: A sentient, elderly tree whose power is determined by the wisps surrounding it.


Unimplemented Mobs

  • Temple Guardian: One of three variants of the stone guardians of ancient temples.

Upcoming Mobs

  • Mud Golem: A figure assembled with mud to serve the player.
  • Stalker: A terrifying and elusive creature that hunts in the caverns.

Upcoming Bosses

  • Prime Wight: The terrible overlord of the Betweenlands, resigned to his fate through his own actions.



  • Release 3.6.0: Added Chiromaw Greebling Riders and Chiromaw Matriarchs.
  • Beta 3.5.0:
    • Added Emberlings, Tiny, Small and Large Sludge Worms, Shamblers, Crypt Crawlers, Ash Sprites, Emberling Shamans, Barrishees, Lampreys, Living Roots, and the Sludge Menace.
    • Renamed Tar Minion to Tarminion.
  • Release 3.4.0:
    • Added Root Sprites, Boulder Sprites, and the Spirit Tree.
    • Renamed Fire Fly to Firefly.
  • Release 3.3.1: Added Smoll Sludges.
  • Alpha 3.0.0: Renamed Gas Cloud to Shallowbreath.
  • Beta 1.0.4: Added Gas Clouds.
  • Beta 1.0.2: Added Frogs and Harlequin Toads.
  • Beta 1.0.0: Introduced.
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