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Release 3.7.1 was a small update to the Betweenlands for Minecraft 1.12.2 that was released on November 1, 2020. It made major adjustments to Simulacra, Infestations and Stalkers, implemented improved mob Spawn Egg colors and experience drop amounts, and made additional changes and bug fixes.


Additions and Changes

  • Improved Simulacrum item model scale and positioning
  • Added natural Shambler spawning to Swamplands and Patchy Islands
  • Simulacra can now be renamed
  • Added a mysterious sound when breaking a naturally generated Simulacrum
  • Player burning now removes all Infestation
  • Infestation can now burn, health and splitting behaviour has been tweaked
  • Infestation can now be shaken off by shaking the head
  • Optimized Wisp particles and slightly improved their rendering
  • Improved Stalker and Infestation spawn rates
  • Adjusted XP drops for several mobs, thanks to okl for the suggestion
  • Added a new ability to the Stalker
  • Equipment inventories are now cleared preventively to improve compatibility with certain gravestone mods
  • Improved spawn egg colours, thanks to okl for tweaking the values

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Mossy Cragrock textures not tiling
  • Fixed Infestation particles being too small, causing a crash when OptiFine is installed
  • Fixed Simulacrum Fertility effect triggering immediately when placing the block
  • Fixed Simulacra already being active when naturally generated and not yet player placed
  • Fixed Stalker breaking ores that glow
  • Fixed Swamp Hag Peat Mummy Riders (SHPMR) not being able to jump
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