The following is a list of features that at some point were implemented into a version of the Betweenlands mod, but have since been permanently removed or replaced with other features for various reasons.

Removed Blocks[edit | edit source]

Removed Blocks
Removed Block Description Picture
Swamp Farmland When the mod was first conceived, Swamp Farmland was planned to be a block that could be tilled with a hoe from Swamp Dirt and used as soil for Betweenlands crops, similar to the vanilla mechanic. It was overridden by the Compost mechanic and thus was never added in the reboot. N/A
Dried Peat Dried Peat was a block that was intended to be smelted from Peat in the original development of the mod. It was meant to be an efficient fuel source. It was never added in the reboot. N/A
Mire Coral Dust (placed) During the original development of the mod, Mire Coral Dust was planned to have a placed form, similar to Redstone Dust, that would form the border of a Repeller. In the reboot, Ground Mire Coral exists and uses the item texture of Mire Coral Dust, but it cannot be placed, as Repellers create their own border instead. N/A
Lantern The original concept for a Lantern was a light source that had to be refueled with Weedwood Buckets of Oil. It was implemented during the original development of the mod, but was removed in the reboot. N/A
Water Flower Water Flowers were a feature since the original development of the mod, and generated in Deep Waters biomes. They were flowers that stuck out above the water and were connected to the seafloor by stalks. They were in the first reboot release of the mod, but were replaced by Bladderworts in the Beta 1.0.1 update.
Bark Weedwood Bark and Portal Tree Bark were originally separate blocks that generated on the outside of Weedwood and Portal Trees, repsectively. In the Beta 2.0.0 update, they were merged with Weedwood Log and Portal Frame blocks, which generate with bark on all sides in place of the individual bark blocks.
Dark Druid Spawner The Dark Druid Spawner was a block that generated below the Dark Druid Altar of a Druid Circle and spawned Dark Druids. It was removed in the Beta 2.0.0 update, and its function was replaced by a regular Betweenlands Monster Spawner.
2016-01-31 12.46.09.png
Chock-A-Block The Chock-A-Block was a stunningly special animated block, depicting a super smart chimp walking a bulldog around on a leash. It was a reference to the resident chimp/coder of the mod, Vadis365. It was removed in the Beta 2.0.0 update...still can't believe this was actually ingame...
2016-02-05 16.28.43.png

Removed Items[edit | edit source]

Removed Items
Removed Item Description Picture
Betweenstone Tools Betweenstone Tools were a toolset that was originally intended to be the next best toolset available after Weedwood Tools, and could be crafted with Betweenstone. It was replaced by Bone Tools in the reboot.
Crocodile Skin Crocodile Skin was intended to be dropped by Crocodiles in the original development of the mod. It could be used to make its own set of armor. Its place was taken by Lurker Skin when Crocodiles were replaced with Lurkers.
Crocodile Skin Armor Crocodile Skin Armor was an armor set that could be crafted with Crocodile Skin in the original development of the mod. Its place was taken by Lurker Skin Armor when Crocodiles were replaced with Lurkers. N/A
Hoes Farming in the Betweenlands was initially intended to be similar to the vanilla mechanic, and Hoes in all of the Betweenlands toolsets were planned to till Swamp Dirt into Swamp Farmland for planting crops. They were never added in the reboot, as the Compost mechanic removed the need for hoes. N/A
Slimy Bonemeal Slimy Bonemeal was the original fertilizer for Betweenlands plants and crops during the mod's first conception. It was crafted with Slimy Bones. It was replaced by Swamp Reed Powder, and then in the reboot by Ground Dried Swamp Reed.
Swamp Reed Powder Swamp Reed Powder was the next iteration of Betweenlands fertilizer after Slimy Bonemeal. It could be obtained from Swamp Reeds. It was replaced by Ground Dried Swamp Reed in the reboot, which is from essentially the same source.
Weedwood Bucket of Oil Weedwood Buckets of Oil were intended to be the fuel source for Lanterns in the original development of the mod. They were never added in the reboot, as Lanterns were not either. N/A
Weedwood Bucket of Slime Weedwood Buckets of Slime were an item planned in the original development of the mod, but their purpose is unknown. They were never added in the reboot. N/A

Removed Mobs[edit | edit source]

Removed Mobs
Removed Mob Description Picture
Crocodile Crocodiles were a mob conceived at the start of the mod's development. They would drop Crocodile Skin, which could then be used to make Crocodile Skin Armor. Their concept was replaced by Lurkers sometime later during development, and this carried over to the reboot.

Removed Structures[edit | edit source]

Removed Structures
Removed Structure Description Picture
Purple Rain Tree Purple Rain Trees were a type of tree that was conceived and partially implemented during early development of the reboot. They were large trees with purple log and leaf blocks, and special purple hangers that would carry Middle Fruit Seeds. They were removed before the reboot was released, and Middle Fruit Seeds (relegated to White Pear Seeds) now drop from regular Hangers on Giant Weedwood Trees.
2015-07-21 12.06.36.png

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