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Equipping/unequipping rings

The tornado effect from flying

The Ring of Ascent is a unique item that provides limited flight.

It can be found as Loot from chests in Shrines, Cragrock Towers, and the Wight Fortress.

How to Equip

The Ring can be right-clicked to equip it onto an invisible slot beside the hotbar. Note that only two rings can be equipped at a time.

The Ring of Ascent can also be equipped through the Radial Equipment Menu, which is opened by pressing C (by default). It displays any ring equipped onto the player (in red text) as well as rings in their inventory (in green text). A ring can be both equipped and unequipped with a left click, allowing for easy management.


When equipped, the Ring of Ascent allows the wearer to hover a maximum of ~3.5 blocks above a solid surface and fly around at a moderate speed, similarly to Creative Mode flight. Flying mode can be toggled by double-tapping the space bar, and will automatically deactivate if the player descends to the ground.

While flying, the player can hold shift to descend and space to ascend as high as the ring allows. Hovering higher than the maximum height will cause the player to glide back to the maximum height. While flying, the ring will receive an enchantment glow, and a small tornado of leaves will swirl below the player's feet as an added visual effect.

The Ring of Ascent has a small experience cost upon activation, and slowly drains the player's experience bar over time while in use. It will cease to work if the player runs out of experience.


Advancement In-game Description Parent Actual Requirements ID
None to Rule Them All
Obtain all Rings Dank World Have a Ring of Power, Ring of Ascent, Ring of Gathering, Ring of Summoning, Ring of Recruitment, and Ring of Dispersion in your inventory (does not have to be at the same time) adventurer


  • Release 3.3.2: Now has a small experience cost upon activation.
  • Release 3.3.1: Flight mode is now automatically disabled while riding an entity.
  • Release 3.3.0: Added Advancement.
  • Beta 1.0.0: Introduced.
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