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The Sludgeon is a massive tower/dungeon structure that generates in the Sludge Plains Clearing biomes.

The Sludgeon has a world location that identifies the area it takes up, as well as a title that appears briefly to players who approach it.

Most of the blocks of the Sludgeon are protected from destruction by a ward that persists until the Sludge Menace, the boss at the Pit of Decay, has been defeated.

Composition[edit | edit source]

The Sludgeon Tower:

The Labyrinthine Vaults:

Sludgeon Tower[edit | edit source]

To enter the underground part, the player needs to play a 'mini-game' to open the door that leads to the main part of the dungeon. Firstly the player needs to light the 4 braziers at the top of the tower. By doing that, the player will activate the Beam Origin, which will send an energy beam at the Beam Lens at the bottom level. Beam Lens can be reoriented in any of the six different directions by right-clicking them. The order in which they are reoriented when clicked is as follows: Down -> Up -> North -> South -> West -> East. The beam must be directed through several Beam Lens and Passages until it reaches the Dungeon Door at the base of the tower, where the door will open and allow access to the Labyrinthine Vaults of the Sludgeon.

Lighting the braziers[edit | edit source]

For lighting the Braziers at the top of the Sludgeon Tower, the player needs to start a fire the same way as they would anywhere else:

Note that four Emberling Shaman will spawn - one on each brazier - when the Beam Origin is active.

Labyrinthine Vaults[edit | edit source]

The Labyrinthine Vaults are a giant maze with 7 layers, each filled with unique mobs and traps. 

In order to navigate through the maze, the player needs to open each Dungeon Door by inputting a code. These Dungeon Door Codes can be found near each staircase up to the previous layer. Once the player has seen the symbol, they need to recreate the symbol on the Dungeon Door by clicking on the middle part of the door until the code is the same. It's not impossible to brute-force these, but it is difficult.

First layer :[edit | edit source]

The first layer comes right after you've entered the dungeon by solving the Beam puzzle at the top. It's filled with Small Sludge Worms and Worm Holes. Scattered throughout this layer, the player can find some Broken Mud Tiles that will turn into Stagnant Water when walked on. However, this can be avoided by sneaking. 

Second layer :[edit | edit source]

The second layer is a layer filled with Shamblers, as well as the aforementioned Broken Mud Tiles on the floor. Other than the different mobs, it is mostly the same as the first layer.

Third layer :[edit | edit source]

The third layer is filled with Lampreys and Sludge Worm Egg Sacs, as well as Spike Traps on the floor and on the walls and some Broken Mud Tiles.

Fourth layer :[edit | edit source]

The fourth layer is filled with Sludge Jet Turrets. Once again, there are Broken Mud Tiles on the floor.

2019-11-20 14.55.30.png

In addition, there's a secret door leading to a special room, the Barrishee lair. When unlocking the false Dungeon Door, a Barrishee will spawn, blocking the way to its lair. Once killed, the area behind the Barrishee is revealed - a small room with an Ancient Battle Axe sticking out of the mud and a loot chest which contains the Ring of Gathering and some other valuables.

Fifth layer :[edit | edit source]

The fifth layer is filled with Living Roots and Splodeshrooms, a dangerous fungus that explodes in a gas cloud, briefly inflicting Blindness and Decay on anyone caught in the gas. As before, there are also Broken Mud Tiles on the ground. Puffshrooms are the other new addition to this layer; they are set into the ground and will emit spores that will provide light, but attempt to pull items out of the player's hands. Syrmorite Shears can be used to harvest them for Puffshroom Tendrils, an excellent food source. 

Sixth layer :[edit | edit source]

The sixth layer is filled with Crypt Crawlers. In addition, the Carved Rotten Bark from the arches will sometimes fall, hurting the player and dealing extra damage to their helmet.

There is also an extra Dungeon Door on this layer that leads to the crypt tunnels and winding corridors. Unlocking it will cause numerous Crypt Crawlers to push it over and attack the player. Heading inside the player will have to travel through 2 block wide corridors with many slopes and levels, made mostly of Compacted Mud with some roots and other various plants dotting the sides. Many Crypt Crawlers will assault the player as they move through these tunnels.

sixth layer

Upon reaching the end of these tunnels, the player will find themselves in a slightly larger tunnel that loops around on itself, finding multiple entryways that the Crypt Crawlers had been spawning from. Each has a suspended Carved Rotten Bark above the entryways which will fall when the vine is destroyed, preventing further spawns. Once the player gets to the end there will be a secret Crypt room with an Ancient Greatsword, as well as urns and vases to smash. There are also some false walls - one of which leads back to the entryway, and the other may lead to an armor stand with full Ancient Armor.

In addition, this is also one of two floors where vials of Sludgeon Fog can be collected for use in alchemy.

Seventh layer :[edit | edit source]

This layer is the last layer of the Labyrinthine Vaults. It contains only Moving Walls and Puffshrooms, no other features. Moving Walls are indestructible and cannot be blocked by any player-placed blocks or fallen Carved Rotten Bark. Should a player or any creature be crushed by one, it will deal immense damage, possibly lethal to all entities in general, before moving the other way. This can sometimes be irritating, as the Dungeon Door would usually have one in its path, crushing those who attempt to input a code. It is recommended one keeps the Rune Door Key on-hand for this door in particular, although it is possible one may not have enough time to put it in and expect to go through (the animation leaves the door solid until it eventually finishes).

This is one of two floors where Bottled Fog can be collected for use in alchemy.

Pit of Decay[edit | edit source]

The Pit of Decay is the final room of the Sludgeon, and is also the room where the player can fight the Sludge Menace.

Once reaching the bottom of the dungeon, the player will encounter a large mechanism, suspended by chains, protected by flying shields, and a big gear below it. In the middle of the room, there's a big hole where Leech, Termites, Smoll Sludges, and Large Sludge Worms can spawn. On each side of the room, there's a sort of "balcony" and below that, a wall made of Spike Traps, making the access by the bottom harder. On the balcony are located some Sludge Jet Turret and lenses, where the machine sends a chain beam to the mechanism. The gears will make the player move, and the Sludge Jet Turret located below the larger one will throw the player into the air, inflicting fall damage. 

For fighting the boss, the player needs to drop the mechanism, done so by firing arrows at each side, between the moving shields.

The first phase of the fight. (before)

Once a side is struck, the chain beam will disappear. Once all four sides are done, the mechanism will lower itself, all beams reactivating and will rise again if the player doesn't complete the other sides in time or strikes one of its shields. Upon striking a shield, they will spawn a chain grabber. The player can free themselves by spamming (rapidly pressing) their attack button (default Left Click) on it, or by shield charging.

the second phase of the fight. (after)

Once the player has dropped the device five stages, the machine will fall onto the ground, plugging the pit and destroying the gears around it. After a short period of time, the ground will start to shake, and the Sludge Menace will rise from the depths of the ground. This is your final fight, and defeating the Sludge Menace will complete the dungeon and remove the block protection over the entire Sludgeon. This will also remove the moving walls.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • If lightning was created (through the use of commands or otherwise) roughly below the mechanism, the mechanism itself will catch fire, igniting all four sides repeatedly and bringing it down each stage.
  • Two Moving Walls can spawn in the same path, allowing for the walls to occasionally do the following, in possibly this order:
    • Hit one wall before heading the other direction
    • Hit a moving wall, causing both to stop
    • The second wall prematurely starts moving
    • The first wall beginning to follow the second, after reflecting off of either stairs or bricks.
  • The Sludge Menace can be blocked with a shield, even while being held by it.
    • This can sometimes turn into "riding" the top of it, though it can also show the inside of its body without pushing you out. Dismounting in this state is simple: Pressing your "sneak" key (usually Left Shift) will dismount you the same way you would any other mountable.
  • Creating water near Spikes will cause it to break, either the water itself or the spikes breaking as it rapidly re-creates itself and destroys itself, sounding like stone. This can cause intense lag, considering the amount of particles (even on "minimal") it would generate and how many times it does this per second. This is highly inadvisable as it could leave the area impossible to enter without good gear or enemies being out of the way, since being in the area loads the spikes and the water, causing both to interact.
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