Health 5 (HeartHeartHalf Heart)
Drops SporesSpores on death
First Appearance Beta 1.0.0

Sporelings are small, passive cowardly mushroom creatures that spawn on Shelf Fungus in various forms of Weedwood Tree. They also spawn from decayed Yellow Dotted Fungus crops and can be animated by the player from Spores.

Recipe Edit

  1. Animate Spores (8 Sulfur, 3% charge) = Sporeling spawns
    Sporeling spawns

Description Edit

Sporelings appear as very small entities with brown-capped mushroom heads dotted with yellow spots. When a player is nearby, it will run away from them as fast as it can, leaving a colorful trail of particles behind. If it falls off a high place, it will inflate its head to float down in a chicken-esque manner and avoid taking fall damage.

Sporelings have a chance to spawn while riding a Gecko.

Sporelings can be killed in one hit using a rare loot weapon, the Critter Cruncher.

Sounds Edit




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