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Stalkers are opportunistic hostile mobs that follow their targets while avoiding their sight, waiting for the right chance to strike. They spawn uncommonly in the Lake Cavern layer.


Stalkers appear as spider-like, slightly humanoid creatures with six limbs, a large black eye, and a gaping segmented jaw lined with rows of black teeth. They also blink periodically, revealing four additional normally hidden eyes along the side of their heads.


Once they find a target, Stalkers will slowly approach them, climbing across walls, floors and ceilings, attempting to stay out of the player's sight, quickly scurrying away if they can be seen.

They will also seek out and break most nearby light sources, which can be an indication that one is near. While stalking, they make no noise except for quiet footsteps when they are moving quickly. If the player gets close to the Stalker while it is still tracking, it will deal contact damage. If the player keeps them in sight for about nine seconds or attacks them, they will leave their stalking state and begin attacking.

Stalkers will attempt to find their way to the ceiling directly above their target - if there is none or it is too high, they will simply sneak up behind the player. They will then drop to the ground and scream, immobilizing the player. After they have revealed themselves, they will no longer stalk, instead attacking aggressively. If looked at directly while attacking, they will hiss and retreat for a short period of time.

When their health drops below half and there is at least eight blocks between them and the player, they may screech, calling as many as four other Stalkers to their aid - all in their aggressive state. However, their call can be interrupted by attacking the Stalker as it screeches.


Sound Subtitles Source Description ID
Stalker dies Hostile Plays when a Stalker dies. stalker_death

Stalker hurts Hostile Plays when a Stalker takes damage. stalker_hurt
Stalker screeches Hostile Plays when a Stalker drops on the player. stalker_scream
Stalker calls for help Hostile Plays when the Stalker summons lesser Stalkers. stalker_screech


  • At least three previous versions of the Stalker's model were made, all of which were lost due to crashes or corrupted files.
  • The final version of the model was created after its AI was coded - a Peat Mummy was used to test it, which is why the Stalker bears some similarities to them.


  • Release 3.7.1:
    • Updated Spawn Egg colors.
    • Increased experience drop from 0 to 30.
    • Added new 'Screech' behavior.
    • Tweaked spawn rate.
  • Release 3.7.0: Introduced.
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