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Tarminions are utility mobs that serve the player. They exist as a craftable item, a throwable projectile entity, and a mob, as well as an Inanimate Tarminion item that is left behind when the mob dies.

Crafting Recipe

Result Ingredients Recipe
Tarminion Animated Tar Beast Heart + Tar Drip (8)
Tarminion 1.gif


Tarminions are miniature figures made of tar with glowing red eyes and dripping faces. They can only be created using the above recipe, and exist in the player's inventory as a Tarminion item until thrown by right-clicking. The Tarminion will be launched in the direction that it was thrown and will land in mob form, whereupon it will proceed to attack any nearby hostile mobs using melee. It will also inflict a Slowness (Slowness.png) effect on these mobs. However, they are vulnerable to attack and will despawn if not already killed after 6 minutes; upon either of these occurrences, it will cause a small tar explosion, dealing damage to all nearby enemies and also inflicting Slowness, as one last strike.

Tarminions can be applied with Amulets, giving them a Middle Gem Circle modifier that directly affects the minion's own attacks and the player they are assigned to while they are alive. The number of amulets that they can equip at once can be extended with an Amulet Slot, and amulets can be taken off of them by shift right-clicking them.


The drops from Tarminions are derived from the tarminion loot table.

The following is a list of all of the items that can be dropped by Tarminions, including their rolls, quantities, and weights.

Tarminion Drops
Dropped Item Quantity Weight
1 Roll:
SmallInanimateTarminion.png Inanimate Tarminion 1 1/1 (100%)

Visit the Loot Tables page for more information on loot.


If a Tarminion is killed or despawns, the Inanimate Tarminion item that it leaves behind can be put through the Animator to recreate the original Tarminion item, like so:

Result Ingredients Recipe
Tarminion Inanimate Tarminion + Sulfur (8) + Life Crystal (7% charge)
Tarminion 2.png


  • Beta 3.5.0: Renamed to Tarminion.
  • Beta 1.0.0: Introduced as Tar Minion.
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