Health 8 (Heart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHeart.png)
Damage 1 (Half Heart.png)
Drops Nothing
Experience 5
ID termite

Termites are insect mobs that can spawn occasionally when a player breaks Rotten Weedwood Bark or a Pot of Chance, as well as from some spawners in Cragrock Towers and the Wight Fortress.

Description[edit | edit source]

Termites appear as insects with curved abdomens and animated mandibles. They are significantly larger than a Silverfish in most cases, but if spawned from Pots of Chance they are smaller. They crawl around quickly and melee attack players. Due to the way they spawn, they can become a nuisance, and a large swarm of them can be deadly.

Termites can be killed in one hit using a rare loot weapon, the Critter Cruncher.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Termites work very similarly to vanilla Silverfish; individually they are rather easy to kill, but in swarms can be very powerful. Thankfully, finding them in swarms is quite uncommon, either because it requires a spawner or requires someone to break one too many pieces of rotten weedwood bark. Deal with them casually whenever you come to face with one and they will not be a problem.

Advancements[edit | edit source]

Advancement In-game Description Parent Actual Requirements ID
Critical Hit
Slay a critter with a Critter Cruncher Chopping Boy Kill a Blood Snail, Dragonfly, Firefly, Leech, Mire Snail, Sporeling, or Termite with a Critter Cruncher fighter

Sounds[edit | edit source]




History[edit | edit source]

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