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A Wight in-game.

"One by one, the people of the Betweenlands were transformed into Wights; beings of pure hatred, neither living nor dead."

-From The Story of The Betweenlands

Wights are white, ghostly hostile mobs that spawn occasionally throughout The Betweenlands.


Wights spawn uncommonly in any biome on the surface of The Betweenlands, except for Deep Waters and Swamplands Clearing biomes. They can also spawn anywhere in the Cavern and Lake Cavern layers.


Wights spawn from some Monster Spawners in Underground Oases, Shrines, Cragrock Towers, and the Wight Fortress.


Wights are occasionally summoned by the Primordial Malevolence, but with only 30 (Heart.png x 15) health.


Wights wander around slowly and cause visual distortion of the area around them. When they notice the player they will look up, mouths agape, and attack on sight with melee. They have a detection range of 80 blocks.

Wights have a chance to spawn applied with a random Amulet, which will give it Middle Gem Circle benefits depending on the type applied. This amulet will not drop upon their death.

If a Wight contacts Tar, it will turn into a Tar Beast after a few seconds.


Wights will occasionally transform into a disembodied head that is able to fly, pass through blocks, and "possess" players or Swamp Hags by grabbing onto their head, circling it as it does so. Wights are more likely to transform at lower health and when other Wights are nearby, but will not transform to chase the player unless hit by them. Once the Wight possesses an entity, it will begin to shoot homing particles outward, dealing magic damage that bypasses armor to the player as well as other nearby entities (excluding hostile Betweenlands mobs.) The Wight's hitbox completely surrounds the player's head, meaning most of the player's attacks can only hit the Wight. The Wight is still vulnerable to damage and can be removed after enough attacks, if it is not killed in doing so.

When a Wight possesses a Swamp Hag, it will not damage its host, and will continuously emit projectiles at the player until either it or the Swamp Hag are killed. It can be attacked separately from the mob it is possessing.


The player can avoid being targeted by a Wight by sneaking when around it, but cannot damage it in this state without attracting its attention. It will not stop targeting the player if it spotted them before sneaking.

Wights can be killed in one hit using a rare loot weapon, the Wight's Bane.

When the player wears a Skull Mask, Wights are unable to possess them, and nearby possessed Swamp Hags will not shoot projectiles.

Wearing Ancient Armor will reduce the magic damage dealt by possession projectiles by 12.5% per piece, for a total of 50% with the full set.

Wights cannot be repelled by a Repeller.


The drops from Wights are derived from the wight loot table.

The following is a list of all of the items that can be dropped by Wights, including their rolls, quantities, and weights.

Wight Drops
Dropped Item Quantity Weight
1 Roll, if killed by player:
Nothing N/A 2/3 (66.67%)
SmallWight'sHeart.png Wight's Heart 1
(+0-1 per Looting level)
1/3 (33.33%)
2 Rolls, if killed by player, Spook event only:
Nothing N/A 1/4 (25%)
SmallBlueCandy.png Blue Candy 1 1/4 (25%)
SmallRedCandy.png Red Candy 1 1/4 (25%)
SmallYellowCandy.png Yellow Candy 1 1/4 (25%)
1 Roll, if killed by player, Winter event only:
Nothing N/A 1/2 (50%)
SmallMincePie.png Mince Pie 1 1/2 (50%)

Visit the Loot Tables page for more information on loot.


Wights were once members of a peaceful civilization that resided in the Betweenlands. However, the dimension was transformed into a nightmare when the dark energies of the Nether surged through a portal that was opened by a Druid. Through this process, the people were transformed into Wights, spirit-like entities driven by an uncontrollable anger. The Druid himself became the Prime Wight and has authority over most of the other Wights.


Advancement In-game Description Parent Actual Requirements ID
Fearless Fighter
Slay a Swamp Hag, a Wight, a Tar Beast, a Sludge, and a Peat Mummy Chopping Boy Kill a Swamp Hag, Wight, Tar Beast, Sludge, and Peat Mummy (does not have to be at the same time) fighter
Slay a Wight with a Wight's Bane Chopping Boy Same as description fighter


Sound Subtitles Source Description ID

Wight wails Hostile Plays when a Wight transforms. wight_attack
Wight dies Hostile Plays when a Wight dies. wight_death

Wight hurts Hostile Plays when a Wight takes damage. wight_hurt

Wight moans Hostile Plays randomly while idle. wight_moan


An animation by Timinations depicting an encounter with a Wight:


Minecraft Animation- Wight Encounter (Betweenlands)


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